A Thousand Years

I listen to music frequently now that I work in an office and I need to zone out the noises around me. From time to time I hear a song that reminds me of the past, including but not limited to my wedding event, falling in love with someone a long time ago, sad emotions experienced because of an event in the past.

One of these songs is Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, which I played during my wedding six years ago. I watched a video by Oprah Winfrey this morning, saying that sometimes, when you hit rock bottom, when you get to the point in your life when enough is enough and you’re ready to get out of it, it’s a way that life is ready to take you to where you really should be, for change to happen.

I remember walking up the stairs to the poolside for my wedding dinner and the celebrations with fireworks going off for a spectacular event. Back then, I was embarking on a new journey to become a new person, and here I am again, singing a new tune, embarking on yet another journey.

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