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Life is slowly getting back to where it was before. I’m hopeful for the progress that Ann and I are making within the past two weeks. We’re on the road to mental, physical and financial stability. Once we get our life sorted, I’m pretty sure we will thrive.

I’m excited that Ann is coming to Singapore and has interviews lined up for jobs here. She has stellar credentials and while the market is a little muted, I’m pretty sure she will get headhunted easily.

We’re getting back on track with the plans that we had a year ago when we first started out. It’s been a tough one year together but having gone through all that we did, I’m glad we are all the better together now. I truly feel like I’m a part of a team with Ann.

We have so many good things going – we’re both good people who are honest and smart. We both have many talents and are really versatile people. Most of all, I am a very different Anne from who I was a year ago – for the better. I’m more patient, humble, human, present, real, equanimous person right now, a lot less arrogant, a lot less subject to emotional rollercoasters.

I am now ruled by love and no longer driven by power. I prefer the current version of me – a version that would not have been possible had I not gone through the journey of the past twelve months. A year ago, I was about to undergo the biggest trauma of my life, a journey that would take me to where I am today.

And so it’s onward and upward from here. We’re back in business.

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