Committed Action

Ann had therapy and today she posted a picture of her committed action worksheet. I thought it may be a good thing for me to do the same – to commit to actions that strengthen what is important to me in my life.

So here goes…

A component of my life that I value is Mental Health.

My intention for this component is to fight depression.

The committed actions that I am willing to take include the following:

  1. Medicate
  2. Keep myself busy and active
  3. Continue to meditate on equanimity

That wasn’t so bad.

A component of my life that I value is Love.

My intention for this component is to show my love to those who I care about.

The committed actions that I am willing to take include the following:

  1. Tell and show the people I care that I love them
  2. Be present with the people that I care about
  3. Be honest with myself and with those around me.

Ok, I’m getting a hang of this. I’m learning that human suffering is caused mostly by ourselves, through our attachments to ego, pride, materials, thoughts, opinions. I’m learning that all these are impermanent and humility can go a long way.

My strength is coming back, the confidence as well. I’m on the path to recovery together with Ann, and our current outlook is positive. I’m taking steps to unwind the past and right now things look a lot clearer for me moving forward. I hope that the next two or three months go well and the horizon gets clearer day by day.

Today I hope to get another email from Leo, who I hope would be my new boss. He seems quite keen on me being the person that he would hire, so let’s see what happens next week. I’ll meet his cofounder, Nicola and hopefully we will be able to wrap things up next week and I can start the week after. The sooner I start, the better – I’m already in the process of changing every thing that I need to change and life is looking much more positive for me.

In my head, I’ve been replaying again and again the thought that as much as there’s a grave of good intentions, there’s also a larger grave of good relationships. I have learnt that sometimes people are a lot more practical and love isn’t quite enough to save a relationship from going down the drain.

I am mindful that I am now in a committed and mature relationship with Ann. She’s a lot older than me so I guess a part of me has to mature since she’s got a lot more experiences in life. I think I underestimated her a lot when I got together with her, but I’m thankful for her love and understanding – I hope this relationship works out for the best.

With her love and support, and with our families both behind us, I am confident that we will have a good future together and that we will have a strong relationship.

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